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sunNo doubt about it, this is one watershed moment in my life and I’m very excited!

A new day has dawned and I’m finally ready to communicate with others who are experiencing the life-changing journey of the challenges of colon cancer. My draft website has been launched and this post is the first of many you’ll find in my blog.

My own cancer story started in March 2013. Like most of us learning that cancer had become our partner, my journey began with shock and fear and quickly moved into anxiety and uncertainty along with constant high levels of stress.

During that time, I discovered that much of my emotional reaction could have been minimized if I had had access to more information about what to expect. I also needed to learn NOT to plan to return to my previous “normal” life. Instead, I needed to create a new normal of how to live.

Therefore I’ve decided that perhaps I can help others by communicating what I’ve learned, while bringing together a community to share their own experiences. For the past few months I’ve asked myself over and over again: “Why do we have to learn through the ‘school of hard knocks’ when there are so many generous people who would really like to help?”

Although I am just beginning the sharing process with this blog, I intend to launch a bi-weekly video broadcast in late September where I will interview professionals, patients and caregivers who will share their knowledge of colon cancer. During the live broadcast, we can interact with each other and get our questions answered.

Everything will be archived so that eventually you’ll be able to access a useful library of video replays and other content. Over time the library will grow organically, based on the needs and experiences of the audience.

I can hardly wait to bring my first guest on camera! In the meantime, I’ll try to become comfortable with blogging – something that appears to be very difficult for me. 🙂

Please take a moment and subscribe to this blog. I’d love to hear from you and learn about your colon cancer journey and what help and support you’d like to see on the website.

Let’s talk again soon…


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