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What a surprise!!!…… I was a healthy male of 65, living in Oakville Ontario, who had never seen the inside of a hospital nor for the past 40 years, ever been in need of a physician. Yet, here I was now lying in a hospital isolation room in March 2013, severely dehydrated, too weak to move, incredibly scared and begging to know what was wrong with me.

Unfortunately I shouldn’t have been so eager for an answer! A ward physician eventually popped his head through the door with news… I wasn’t infectious and could easily be re-hydrated but sadly, I had stage three colon cancer. That was a 3 minute visit I’ll never forget!! I was left to my very negative thinking without details of my cancer diagnosis…. I was on my own, very much on my own. And that was NOT the best way to start out on my cancer adventure ride that involved chemotherapy, radiation, multiple operations and many medical complications for the following 15 months.

Letting go of control and “getting into the flow” was one of the biggest difficulties throughout my odyssey. My life philosophy of “if it’s going to be, it’s up to me” was quite inappropriate. I needed to let the experts be in control but, I wasn’t ready and fought everything with anger, aggressiveness and hostility.

sending_medical_relief_800_clr_14287Becoming comfortable with the uncomfortable forced me to drop my personal armor, accept my vulnerability and acknowledge that my life would never be the same. The door to my old life was closed. I now needed to reassemble my life “lego blocks” to create a “new normal”.

My survival required a large team… the medical specialists, the healthcare professionals, my personal support group and my extended family of friends. Thankfully, I had discovered, an excellent way to communicate my needs with everyone.

The primary features offered by (MLL) are downplayed when they are described as a blogging tool and resource calendar to communicate with your support community. It should instead be thought of as truly a “lifeline”. Whenever I wanted to reach out to my support group to share the emotional journey I was travelling, all I needed to do was access MLL. I could compose my message and experience instant emotional relief.

I can honestly say was critical to my survival. It provided an excellent way for me to control the emotional roller coaster that I frequently rode. It also became a positive, daily motivator since I knew I was developing an audience who wanted to hear how my journey was progressing and how I was coping. MLL allowed me to feel connected, to be useful, to be helpful, and to chart a path to the day where once again I would be well.

Today I am cancer free, but still dealing with minor “plumbing problems”. I am finally more well than sick and have found my “new normal” way of living. I can now payback the help I received by helping other cancer patients and caregivers. Using a live video interview format, I will weekly, uncover personal “Secrets, Tips & Advice” that are used to overcome the stressful challenges of living with cancer.

Hearing practical street-wise guidance is what I longed for and so I will create a library of knowledge nuggets that can be shared with everyone. Please join us at … watch our broadcast, view a video replay or leave a comment in our community… I’d love to say hello.


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Host of the Find Your New Normal live video broadcast
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  1. Bryce Dennis  October 25, 2014

    Hi Dave. Great reading. Keep up this good tool for fighters of this drearded disease.
    Hope to see at the Firehall for wings. Mike Moffatt gave me this address.
    Take care.
    Bryce Dennis…


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