During the very stressful cancer journey, anxiety, depression, fear, confusion, memory problems etc have a major effect upon how patients and caregivers deal with the impact of cancer in their lives. And yet, there is little direct or indirect assistance available to minimize the impact of these many stress and wellness issues.

tvbdrmthThe goal of FindYourNewNormal.com is to provide support by providing a monthly, live online conference, where patients and caregivers can receive practical advice of what to do when faced with the stress and emotions that affect their colon cancer treatment and recovery program. The patient is in transition from their old self identity to a new level of normality requiring major adjustment of their values, attitudes and beliefs, and the broadcast is designed to present information and advice to aid in that transition process.

The content to be presented in the live broadcasts will have a broader focus than just the emotional aspects of dealing with cancer… it’s also about identifying and managing the specific stressors that lead to anxiety, fear, confusion, depression etc. Please review the list of past broadcasts and it will be easily understood how our content with practical tips and advice can assist patients and caregivers.