Without a doubt, my life has been changed significantly!  As a result, I’ve decided to communicate with others who are also experiencing the life-changing journey of positively coming to grips with the many challenges of cancer.

hangout_snapshot_36Hi… I’m Dave, the Host of the Find Your New Normal live video broadcast and my own cancer story started in March 2013. Like most of us learning that cancer had become our partner, my journey began with shock and fear and quickly moved into anxiety and uncertainty along with constant high levels of stress.

However, I quickly discovered that much of my emotional reaction could have been minimized if I had had access to more information about what to expect. It also became clear that I needed to learn NOT to plan to return to my previous “normal” life. Instead, I needed to create a new normal of how to live.

Therefore with the help of a group of gifted advisors, I’ve decided that perhaps I can help others by communicating what I’ve learned, while bringing together a community to share their own experiences. My goal is to use the live broadcast, blog and training program provided by a variety of cancer coaches, to offer content that provides practical tips and advice for patients and caregivers as they adjust to the impact of cancer in their lives.

Please subscribe to our notification list, join us for our weekly, live video broadcast and share in the support offered by members of our community. I look forward to interacting with you as you receive meaningful guidance of what to do when faced with the stress and emotions that affect your treatment and recovery program.

My Professional Orientation

After over 4 decades of specialization in lead acquisition and sales development, I am thankful to those that consider me a recognized leader in digital marketing. My passion is to help clients uncover the best balance of high touch and high tech as they combine innovative marketing concepts with new digital media applications.

For nearly 15 years, I have been engaged in the evaluation and implementation of a variety of live video streaming and web based video conferencing solutions. My personal focus has been to empower others, to comfortably use virtual communication to build stronger relationships with prospects and clients, generate more sales leads and increase revenue. Emphasis is placed on the importance of passion, warmth and trust which is so necessary to create a successful interaction with others.

My clients frequently endorse my personal and practical approach. It has been derived from a comprehensive coaching experience and solid academic background, blended with success gained from founding and managing two extremely profitable corporations as a self-employed entrepreneur.

Educated at the Universities of Guelph and Western Ontario, I’ve earned the Master of Arts degree in Psychology, have completed doctoral work in the field of Organizational Behaviour, am a charter member of the Selye Canadian Institute of Stress and am a past faculty member of the Wilfrid Laurier University School of Business.

As well as being an author of numerous research papers and journal articles, I post and publish content on the internet, frequently lecture to university and professional groups and have been both a columnist and member of various editorial advisory boards.