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This is the first video in our Coping With Cancer Assistance Program.

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Every week we receive questions from cancer patients, caregivers, healthcare professionals and cancer coaches.The following are some of the topics being considered for an ASK DAVE video response or for our monthly live video broadcast. The list is frequently edited and content identified as a link to the video response or live broadcast replay.

Please don’t hesitate to ask your question by clicking the ASK Dave link.

  • Caregiver Conflict
  • Dealing with Desperation and Depression
  • Finding the Good News
  • How Do I Emotionally Ventilate?
  • How Do I Become an Advocate for My Healthcare?
  • Where is the Help I Need To Cope With My Fears & Frustration?
  • What Is The Role of the Homecare Nurse?
  • Can I Really Give Up Control?
  • How Do I Become a Patient Patient?
  • The Communication Journey With Your Doctor and Nurse
  • How Do I Cope With the Change in My Body Self Image?
  • How Do I Dress When I have a Colestomy Appliance?
  • How Do I Shower When I Have a Nephrostomy Dressing To Protect?
  • What Are My Nutrition Issues?
  • What Patient To Patient Support Should I Investigate?
  • How Do I Cope With The Constant Hiccups In My Treatment & Recovery Program?
  • Why Do I Feel So Alone Even Though I’m Surrounded By Supportive Caregivers?
  • How Do I Cope With Being Alone When the Visitors Stop Visiting?
  • Is There a Way To Find Happiness or Some Level of Peace During My Hospital Stay?
  • How Do I Obtain Detailed Information From My Doctor On Each Test & Scan?
  • Can You Expect More From Your Caregivers Than Just Sympathy?
  • Is My Fear of Possible Death Realistic?
  • Why Won’t My Medical Team Answer My Questions?
  • Will I Find a Path Through My Frustrations?
  • How Do the Issues Vary During the Diagnosis, Treatment and Recovery Stages?
  • What Training & Preparation Is Available for Caregivers?