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Coaching Business:Personal Healing

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Name & eMail

Avinoam Lerner — Free@AvinoamLerner.com

Main City Serviced

Boston, MA 02472
United States
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How Are Services Provided

While my practice is in Boston MA, I do coach people either by phone or online via video.

Description of Services Offered

The Resiliency Protocol (TRP) is a different coaching program. It is a goal-oriented program designed to replenish and enhance patient’s experience by utilizing contemplative practices and dynamic mind-body techniques for recovery.

Tailored to your individual needs, TRP will help you:

Feel supported, motivated and empowered
Cultivate a healthy attitude and outlook toward treatment
Become more resilient and cultivate hope
Stop self-sabotage and override negativity
Heal deep seated patterns of trauma
Reconnect with and reclaim your authentic self
Embrace the inevitability of “change”
Develop and sharpen up your coping skills
Prepare for medical procedures such as surgery
Promote a sense of mastery over your health
Create a Healthy-Survivorship blueprint

Relevent Credentials

Certified Holistic Therapist, Certified Consulting Hypnotist & NLP practitioner

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