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Coaching Business:Transformational Life Coach & White Light Energy work

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Name & eMail

David Bennett — dharmadb22@gmail.com

Main City Serviced

Virginia Beach, VA 23454
United States
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How Are Services Provided

By Appointment only ~ I work Internationally by phone or Skype or if you are in the area I schedule in person sessions. Go to my website to schedule an appointment.

Description of Services Offered

I feel blessed to offer this extraordinary self-empowering work. It helped me reclaim health and joy, so I’m delighted that others may experience this as well. Let me help you modify the concept of yourself toward positive loving intentions. We are connected to a unified universe of potentiality. Explore your sense of Being, finding new doorways to your inner peace and joy through exploring your expanded awareness. Strengthen your capacity to resource your Authentic Being so you may live an unrestrained, unconditional, and unfiltered expression of your true self.

How Can I Help:
In my practice, I work with a variety of individuals that are trying to connect their transformative experiences to their physical and spiritual self. I listen very closely as a counselor so I may help them explore their pure essence and the desire for expansion of physical and spiritual understanding.

I teach personal reflection meditation with breathing practices as a way of expanding the comfort zone to include love and creativity, which are foundations for connection to our true nature.

I understand the need to slowly develop a new world view after an experience, so we can then actualize and generate new ways of being. (I have had to integrate my own transformative experiences as well as address the trauma, accident and health crisis that precipitated my STEs.) I understand many forms of STEs and their transformations after working with experiencers one-on-one as well as coordinating a STE support group and helping to facilitate NDE retreats since 2006.

Relevent Credentials

ACISTE CERTIFIED Life & Spiritual Coach
ACISTE Certified Spiritual Guidance Counselor

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