Coping With Cancer — Our First Live Webcast Event

– Finding the Calm Beneath the Chaos –

March 18th, 2015 at 1:00 – 1:30pm ET


Participate in our conversation with Sheila Shuster as we explore what happens to patients and caregivers as they are thrown into the tumultuous world of cancer. The healthcare community seems hyper-focused on medical treatment, while undervaluing the impact that strong emotional health and calm, nurturing support can have in the healing process.

  • What does the patient really face when he or she suddenly feels forced to relinquish control of their lives?
  • How can caregivers prevent being blindsided and reduce the chances of burnout?
  • What can patients and caregivers do to help each other to clear a path for healing?

Our Guest – Sheila Shuster
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Sheila began her career in biotechnology and healthcare education. A series of losses and an enlightening experience with her dying father catapulted her in a new direction in 2009. She is now a professional speaker, coach and hospice volunteer helping people manage stress and adjust after loss. She teaches skills that cultivate a natural calm and help people to discover their capacity to acclimate to change. Sheila’s passion is to share what she has discovered in herself – that looking at life with relaxed attention changes what you see.

Your Host – Dave Williams
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Dave is a very happy colon cancer survivor who has first hand experience with the roller coaster journey that occurs during treatment. His background in the field of psychology has provided a perspective different from that of most patients and makes him an ideal host for this live broadcast designed to support patients, caregivers and healthcare professionals move through the stress, emotion and daily challenge of cancer.
Professionally… for over 15 years, he has been engaged in the evaluation and implementation of live video streaming and web based video conferencing solutions. Dave’s passion is to help clients uncover a personal fit between high touch and high tech.

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