Here I Am, Now What? — Live Event

Issues of concern to those seeking peace after a crisis

– Conversations on Living In The Moment –

Nov. 3rd, 2016 at 3:00 – 4:00pm ET


THIS WEEK — Meet Cindy Griffith

Who Do You Turn To For Answers When Facing A Crisis? Are Angels Available?

Many find comfort through a traditional religious or spiritual practice, but some call on a different kind of support. Join Sheila and me this week as we meet International Psychic, Author, and Spiritual Teacher Cindy Griffith. Learn how she uses her connection to spirit guides and angels to convey messages that gently move her clients into peace. We are excited to discuss how Cindy’s insight can teach us how to live a positive and fulfilling life, no matter what.

Our open talk show format allows for ample interaction with members of the audience so please at the appropriate moment, turn on your webcam/mic and join in the conversation. We hope you log in using Twitter and your CHROME browser for this extremely informative webcast!

Our Co-Host – Sheila Schultz
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Sheila began her career in biotechnology and healthcare education. A series of losses and an enlightening experience with her dying father catapulted her in a new direction in 2009. She is now a professional speaker, coach and hospice volunteer helping people manage stress and adjust after loss. She teaches skills that cultivate a natural calm and help people to discover their capacity to acclimate to change. Sheila’s passion is to share what she has discovered in herself – that looking at life with relaxed attention changes what you see. Her work is found at

Your Host – Dave Williams
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Dave is a very happy colon cancer survivor who has first hand experience with the roller coaster journey that occurs during treatment. His background in the field of psychology has provided a perspective different from that of most patients and makes him an ideal host for this live broadcast designed to support patients, caregivers and healthcare professionals move through the stress, emotion and daily challenge of cancer.
Professionally… for over 15 years, he has been engaged in the evaluation and implementation of live video streaming and web based video conferencing solutions. Dave’s passion is to help clients uncover a personal fit between high touch and high tech.

Our Guest – Cindy Griffith
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Cindy has traveled extensively to spiritual locations such as Egypt and Sedona. She has recently finished her Masters Degree in Consciousness Development, authored three books and enjoyed being a monthly featured guest Psychic on Classic Rock: I100 Radio! Cindy is honored to be a Survey Lecture and Psychic at Edgar Cayce’s ARE in Virginia Beach. Her work can be found at

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