There is a great deal happening in the area of Virtual Reality that is focused on helping cancer patients and survivors cope with the anxiety and stress of living daily with cancer. We are making our difference by creating a Cancer Survivor Clubhouse.

If you are house-bound, have low energy levels or cope with body image issues then you may want to spend time with us. Make new friends & together enjoy an immersive experience sitting on the beach, sailing in a quiet lagoon, attending a musical event or exploring a foreign land all within the virtual world of Second Life. Clubhouse members are easily finding ways to augment their quality of life.

Please watch the following tutorials to learn how to use Second Life and then please add your name to our mailing list to receive announcements of our frequent video broadcasts and special events.  There is no cost to join our Cancer Survivor Clubhouse community and we’d love to have you as a member.

Video 1) – Selecting An Avatar For Second Life

Video 2) – Basic Avatar Navigation In Second Life

Please register to receive the link to our Cancer Survivor Clubhouse as well as an email reminder to our next live broadcast